15 April 2012

Writing in style

I love pen and paper. I even put them on my '10 things I couldn't live without' list.
I love writing my stories first in an old-fashioned notebook. Especially, Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks. These are my most favourite notebooks, have nice paper, and with their colours, they look nice on the shelves.

I love writing, especially when I'm sitting in a train, a bus, when I'm on holiday, or when I sit on the couch at home. Basically anywhere, with the only condition that I can sit.
When I write in a notebook, I don't have the distraction of websites, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, or any other media sending messages or status updates, which basically only mean procrastination for me.

Very often, words just flow from my head to paper. Especially, once the first words and sentences are written in ink. However, when I start writing in a Word document, I know there's a 'Delete' button, a google search, and the earlier mentioned procrastination means nearby. Very often, I delete the first words, because I forgot how I wanted to start the first lines.

When I type out my hand written notes and stories, I don't have this issue. The blank page isn't blank, as I can build on the words and lines in my notebook.
Perhaps, that's my issue: my notebook offers me lining and invites me to write, not mattering how neat or bad my handwriting is that day, whereas a Word document looks blank, and shows my words in a sterile and automatic typewriting. Even though I type fast and blind, it feels not natural to me, and it's no fun, whereas writing by hand is something I like.

When I'm happy about my post, have typed it up, copied it into Blogger, I like finding a good picture that goes with the post. Very often, the title comes while searching for this picture. Or, the title comes even later, like now, while reading it for the last time and checking mistakes, typos and way-too-long sentences.

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