06 April 2012

Health haiku

This time, the #HAWMC writing challenge gave me an opportunity to try something new: Writing a haiku about my health. I started looking through pictures, and even though it wasn't easy to capture a thought into 5-7-5 syllables, it is amazing how memories and images can be translated into a minimum of words. I gave it a try..

My first hike in the mountains, after I started Humira. That incredible feeling of pride of my achievement, but also a feeling that was quite scary - I'm dependent on this medication. 

Taking a walk is a great way for me to clear my head. Watching the sun, the sky, flowers, the seasons change, the fresh air - it gives energy, time to breath, throw out my irritations and a moment to start taking life again as it comes.

I always thought that I was good in neglecting pains, feelings, and making people believe I was doing fine, although my pains were horrible and I couldn't walk properly. In the end, it was me, myself and I, who I fooled. Everyone who knew me well, could see how I was doing. My eyes weren't bright, I looked tired and my smiles were fake. Now, I try to think of that, and try to tell people when I'm not doing well. I should listen to my mind, and not think a fake smile can pull the trick instead.   

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  1. I enjoyed reading your haiku. Well done, well first try! :D