03 April 2012

Supergirl day

Sometimes, I wish I were a supergirl. A girl like the German rock band Reamonn is singing about: “and then she’d say: ‘It’s OK, I got lost on the way, but I’m a supergirl. And supergirls don’t cry”.

This song has been special to me. It’s been working like a mantra on these moments when my body left me in agony. When I had to go to work but every step felt like someone put a knife into my hips. On these moments, those catchy lines of Reamonn’s song came up in my head.

I then wished I had a superpower, or rather, give my superpower away to someone who could transfer it into something even bigger. For example, if I would get the superpower to crack the code which causes autoimmune diseases. I would give it to researchers and medical specialists, so they can transform this gene, virus, bacteria, or whatever cell went the wrong way in my body, into a perfectly healthy one, or kill it, when we can live without. 
It would be amazing when if they would gain access to a fundamental solution for these autoimmune diseases, and prevent our bodies attacking our own bodies, and instead strengthen our bodies. It would be amazing if this superpower would enable some kind of gene therapy attacking the cause of these diseases, instead of taking incredibly expensive medications attacking symptoms for decades. But well, this superpower is not yet available, even though we keep hope on results from ongoing medical research done by bright students and researchers.

In the mean time, I think somehow all chronic patients have kind of superpowers. Those strengths, which help you through extremely painful days, and help forgetting about the feeling of pain during good days, or during good nights when you can even enjoy dancing to music, without thinking about the pain punishment the day after.. “and then she’d say: ‘it’s alright, I got home late last night, but I’m a supergirl, and supergirls just fly.”   

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