05 April 2012

Arty picture meanings

Sun shines through the dark clouds /Sun Rise /Sun /Sun Shine/ Sun Set
By Sayan Devaan Leanage

I found this picture on Flickr. It's a beautiful picture. It's a picture in which you keep discovering new things. First, I noticed the dark clouds, after that, the rays of sun coming down and its reflection on the water, followed by the waves of the sea rolling towards us, and the sun reflecting on the waves at the horizon. Interestingly enough, at the first glance I thought the dark clouds had the upper hand, but the longer I concentrated on this picture, more and more I found the sun appearing a lot stronger and radiant.

This picture struck me. Initially, it looked like a very depressing picture. Lots of dark clouds in the air mean very often rain, storm, thunderstorms and other types of unpleasant weather. Many bad things, insecurity, shocks, illnesses and downfalls happen in life, and obviously, it’s easy to see all the possible depressions in life in this picture. But then, the sun appears to be radiant, and there are bits of clear sky amid all these clouds. It’s very difficult to think of an escape while you’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, a disease, a loss or experiencing any other difficult event. But then, when you look back on a difficult time in your life, somehow there weren’t only clouds. You learned something about yourself, found out you are stronger than you would have thought, or realised you can count on support from friends and family around you. Suddenly, there appeared to be rays of sun and presents in those difficult moments in your life.

This picture made me think back to a few moments in my life, in which I encountered very difficult situations. Like every year, around this time, I think back of a girl, who was a friend of mine during studies. She passed away on this very day 4 years ago. She had to fight cancer for a couple of years, and couldn’t win. Before, I kept thinking of how this horrible disease had taken over, and she lost fighting. It’s only now, that when I think of her, a lot of happy memories appear first, and I’m grateful for knowing her. 

My life hasn’t been covered by sunshine only either. There were storms and heavy clouds, and there certainly are more to come. Diagnoses, diseases, infections, medications, and all other happenings in a life of a chronic patient. Yet, I’m glad for all the lessons I’ve learned, and all the experiences that made me stronger. 
Now and then, it just takes more time to reflect and see the comedy behind the drama. Like this picture, it's worthwhile spending a few minutes to look back on your life to discover all the aspects and happy moments that you had missed before.   

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