14 April 2012

My dream work day

My ultimate dream day would be spent on holiday. That's ideal. Second best, how would I spend my ideal work day?

So, my ideal work day, let's say a random dream Tuesday. My dream day would start with waking up without an alarm clock - sleeping as long as my body needs to. My regular morning ritual - shower, choosing clothes to wear, breakfast and medication - , would stay the same. Perhaps, I would just take a little more time for it. Anyway, I would work half a day at home, take time to write, and to run my own business. After that, I would go and meet colleagues, clients or any other people I work for, or with, or people I wish to work for, or with. I would meet with them in an office, or better, on a sunny terrace of a nice cafe in a characteristic city.

With sun glowing cheeks, I would go and drink a glass of bubbly Prosecco with a friend, or better, more good friends, and have a good dinner afterwards. 
A good film, a great chat, an hour of exercise, a warm bath, or a good book would complement the day. Especially, when it's followed by a good night sleep.

As for how to make this dream day more reality, I need to take some steps. My work will allow more flexibility in working hours, so I would be able to adjust my work schedule and work location to the type of work I need to do that week or day. When I want to focus, I can stay at home. When I want to work with colleagues, I can opt for the office or a cafĂ©, a colleague's house, or anywhere else.

The next step would then be to work less hours and to get more hours for myself, to write and to start my own business. Even though, the current economic situation doesn't look particularly promising, I am looking into working less hours. Last but not least because it would benefit my health greatly, and I can finally start to realise my own ambitions, next to those of my bosses.

As for the rest parts of my dream day, the exercising, the drinking a glass of Prosecco, going for a nice dinner, watching a film or reading a good book; those already exist in my life. 
I just need to find a balance between these things for pleasure and my work ambitions, and find a balance between my available time and energy. 
To start thinking in terms of weeks instead of days, would already help. Obviously, there's more time in a week, than in a day, both for deadlines, as for spontaneity. 
I'm going to buy a good old week planner, and use all the space more wisely.

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