12 April 2012

Stream of consciousness

What a day. It all went flawless. Bus came on time, and arrived on time.
Spent a day in a nice city, had a good lunch. Although, my stomach doesn't seem to be very happy with it now. Need a good night sleep. Especially a long one.

Now, I'm back at the hotel, and in my huge room. Looking at 3 shopping bags, lying on the bed. One is filled with some additional clothes for this weekend's hen party. Much needed, as I only found out today that there's a dress code for a night out. 80's fashion. Hope it'll look nice, as I couldn't try it all on. Was in a bit of a rush, and going through H&M to find something good to wear.
Also, found a DVD-box, which was on my wish list already for a long time. Much needed too, of course.

Why does my phone turn itself off? So annoying. Pincode, Pincode. Done, hope, an update for my phone will come soon, and fixes this.

Shopping bags. Oh yes, I bought a handbag. Much needed too. Oh, and I almost bought a new dress. Good that it didn't fit. Less good, or actually hilarious, a shop assistant had to help me out of it. Had ruined that dress otherwise. Completely stuck. Loved the colour though, ivy green. Will never go back. I must have been their talk of the day. At least, they didn't seem to mind. I did though.

Last bag, notebooks. They were much needed, as I love to write, and especially this month needs lots of pages.

My tea is almost cold. What's that noise outside? Why would someone like pebble stones in their garden? That car alarms everyone.

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