29 September 2010

Crossing limits

You would think having hip and back problems for over 12 years would mean that you know your limits..

When I went out in my teenage years until 4am, I was very sure to be suffering of major aches the next day. When I had to study intensively for my mid-term exams, I was sure to be running out of order the next week after, and not being able to walk.
When I worked a few weeks odd or crazy hours, or my work involved lots of stress, I was sure having to ask myself the same question every morning how I would be able to work, and the question following, how on earth I would get there.

One season especially gives its yearly share of problems, autumn. Unpredictable weather can turn a day into cold, rainy, warm, humid or chilly weather, even within one day. I've been developing a real talent, as I'm now able to be my own personal weather woman, and predict the weather according to her knees and hips every morning.

Now, it has turned into this yearly season again, and work is crazy. Working 40 hrs a week is normally OK, but combined with rainy weather and a major lack of sleep, I feel I'm crossing my limits every day.
Even though I'm on some proper medication, which helps against the worst of the worst, the last weeks are getting tougher and tougher.

It's time for some proper relaxation, leaving my limits untouched and getting hours of extra sleep. It's time for my very own rehab programme.
Two weeks of work madness left, and then I will do everything, or rather absolutely nothing, to unwind.

See you.

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