26 September 2010

Starting off an exciting new blog challenge this autumn!

The last couple of weeks were filled with rain, with some sunshine, but it definitely gives me the feeling that summer is over. Unfortunately. The summer we had was incredibly hot, but also incredibly short.
I do feel that I still need a little more summer and sun. The feeling that a (long) winter is arriving cannot make me as happy as a (long) summer would do.

In the autumn, work will be a lot more intense again with long weeks, short days and more stress. And autumn means that I will be able to predict the weather again, just by feeling my joints.
Yesterday, I decided to give myself a new challenge for the upcoming long, dark evenings - keeping a blog. A blog on living and working with a chronic disease, in my case the Ankylosing Spondylitis disease.

It will give me a chance to think clearly about my health, learn about new developments in health and medication, reflect on my life and work, to focus on my future, my wishes, my ambitions and finally, how to reach after them. Also, I do hope I will find more young women who are daily battling between careers, health, ambitions, and making choices: living well in the future and/or today. Please, let me also learn from you!

To introduce myself, as writer, a little more: I am a young single woman in her twenties, currently living alone and working in communications. My memories to a past filled with international travels and living abroad are becoming more and more nostalgic. If living abroad was still an option..

See you.

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