27 September 2011

Spa therapy 2011 in Montenegro

This year's spa therapy led me to Montenegro. A tiny beach town called Igalo would be my guest home for 3 weeks. After months of working too hard, sleeping too little, irregular exercising and a general lack of a regular lifestyle, I decided to spend this year’s summer holiday to my health’s benefit.

Because my health insurance is supporting a spa therapy for Ankylosing Spondylitis, I had to choose from a list of spas and travel organisations, and it appeared I had to join a group spa therapy holiday. Not really my first choice, but as it appeared the only way for my health insurance, I decided to give it a go. 
Nevertheless, I had a couple of wishes for my spa therapy. Firstly, because this summer had seen nothing but rain, I wanted to go somewhere south. Also, after last year’s success, I wanted a spa therapy, which focused on AS. Lastly, I wanted to go for 3 weeks. There were quite a few spa therapies and spas that matched those criteria, but I chose for Igalo in Montenegro. Sadly, without radon therapy, but a country I’d never visited, a coastline that pictured the Mediterranean, and moreover, a good climate for a holiday in September.

Grotere kaart weergeven

I booked my spa therapy with a Dutch travel organisation specialised in spa therapy holidays. I have to say I don’t really like group holidays. Even though I love chatting to and meeting new people, I don’t like group dynamics, particularly in holidays. I love to undertake journeys on my own, meet new people, but also to have my own space when I need it. 
The pictures on the website of this travel organisation called Fontana showed old people, the descriptions of the spa therapy in Igalo were clearly written with older people in mind, and lastly, the website was very outdated too. 
A week before my flight, I received the travel information (by post!), and the booklet even advised the most obvious things which you definitely know if you’ve travelled abroad just once before. So, I prepared myself for an old-school holiday, including lots of patients with grey hair, group leaders who would guide you everywhere, and no need to think yourself.
On 31st of August, my spa therapy was set to begin.

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